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Foxtrot has a Rat-Pack cool to it, that kind of loose, finger-snapping nonchalance that jets you back into the era of tail-fins and fedoras on a newly-built Vegas strip.

It’s called a dance, but it’s really more about a cool way of walking than dancing. Slow, slow, quick-quick. Two steps forward on a diagonal path, a quick step to the side, and another quick closing step. Then another two steps forward.

The dance frame is as wide as an airplane’s, and it’s important to keep those wings level as you execute a counter-intuitive but snazzy-looking 270-degree spin to the right.

The Foxtrot box step is the other key way to make the 90 degree turn to the left that the line of dance requires. It comes with a change-up in dance step timing, however: a Rumba-like slow, quick-quick, slow, quick-quick.

Promenades keep things interesting between dance corners. You can dance forward, with your lady stepping backward, dance parallel, or step backward yourself, with your lady stepping forward.

If floor space allows, you can also go for a grapevine maneuver that puts 15 “quicks” into rapid succession before ending things with a half-box step.

In your own mind, at least, you’re ready to join Frankie, Dean, Sammy and the boys at the Sands, the Tropicana, or maybe the Desert Inn.

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