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The Merengue is a fun and festive dance, and the basic steps couldn’t be easier to learn: Step, close, step, close.

The music and the dance steps both follow an 8-count beat, so dancers will often step four counts to the side, then four counts back. Or four counts forward, four counts back. Or four counts circling, then reverse.

If you’re out at a club or a party and Merengue music is playing, you can join in the fun just by taking little marching steps.

When you’re comfortable with the musical beat and you’re stepping in time, you can work on fine-tuning the basic Merengue step.

This involves the Latin toe-first step, shifting the weight upon a straightening leg, naturally leading to a lot more hip movement than a straight-hipped 1-2-3-4 march in place.

You’ll be amazed at how this manner of stepping, awkward at first, melds naturally with the beat of the music.

In time, the movement will seem as natural as if you were born and raised in the Dominican Republic, just like Merengue itself, before it grew up and traveled throughout the Americas and the rest of the world.

Here are a few more samples

Candelosa by Latino Allstars
Cachamba (Hay un Hoyo) by Kinito Méndez
El Baile del Ki Ki Ki by Kinito Méndez
El Baile del Sua Sua by Kinito Méndez/Gabriel Romero
La Vaca by Frenesi de Merengue
Luna Llena by Elvis Crespo
Pintame by Elvis Crespo
Rompecintura by Benman Group
Suavemente by Banda La Bocana
Tu Muere Aqui by La Banda Gorda
Tu Sonrisa by Elvis Crespo

Listen to a music sample

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