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The Waltz

As it evolved to become the first European dance style to be danced in closed position, with the lady literally in the gentleman’s arms, Waltz created quite a scandalous stir back in 17th Century Vienna.

Now considered among the most formal and proper dance styles, it’s clear that the Austrians of that era were not yet ready for the Tango, Rumba or Lambada.

But the pleasures of dancing this beautiful dance in one-two-three rhythm have endured, and spread throughout the world. Even watching it can be trance-like, with its smooth, halting flow and progression.

At the River City Dance Studio, students learn the basic box step first, then the underarm turn, the half-box close, the simple twinkle, the parallel, and the progressive.

With those basic skills, students can start to navigate the counter-clockwise line of dance (although collisions and apologies still occur), and work on advanced sashays and graceful nuances like the timing of the dance’s rise and fall.

Advanced students can also expand their skills in American waltz to the much-faster-paced and complex Viennese Waltz. If Country Waltz is more to your liking, Richard Felix’s River City Dance Studio teaches that, too.

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